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adj. bummy, raggedy
Look at that batchy dude across the street.
by ninjasmurf777 June 24, 2010
n. one who steals someone's swagger (i.e. apparel, appearance, etc...)
Look at that guy who's wearing your jacket. He's such a swaggerjacker
by ninjasmurf777 June 24, 2010
1) v. to run past someone and steal something of their's before they can notice

2) n. one who ninjas

3) n. An Asian person
1) That person just ninjad me!

2) That minja just robbed me!

3) That ninja just robbed me!
by ninjasmurf777 June 23, 2010
Used as a reference to a player on the blue team in an online Halo match
We're gonna whoop those smurfs' asses1
by ninjasmurf777 June 24, 2010
n. an asshole; a douche
You are the biggest loof I've ever met.
by ninjasmurf777 June 24, 2010

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