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extreme expression of dissaproval; derived from the tourettes guy
one day billy bob gets fired and exclaims:'these fishsticks are hard as tits!!"
by ninjamann13 June 04, 2007
the equivelent of nothing; something that amounts to nothing
Vikings aint got jack diddly squat on ninjas!
by ninjamann13 June 04, 2007
to have sex with; to bang
I sexualized that horny bitch!
by ninjamann13 June 04, 2007
a derivative of the awkward turtle, when one holds his/her hands in the shape of a turkey by clenching one fist with the thumb pointed outwards, and placing the other hand at the bottom of the clenched hand (wiggling of the fingers to make it look as if the turkey is moving is also acceptable).
A brotha came up to me and said let's bang. I responded by giving him the awkward turkey. He thought it was a gang sign and immediately busted his peice and said, "What'd you say to me you cracka ass bitch!?"
by ninjamann13 June 04, 2007

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