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Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.
Can I get sum Rule 34 on Captain Planet?
by Ninja337 January 05, 2007
Originally a fictional game from a webcomic name the Perry Bible Fellowship, where one person would say weeaboo and get slapped on the ass with a paddle. This was later adopted as a meme on 4chan when moot got offended by prevailing anti-Wapanese sentiment on /b/. This just gave the /b/tards a new word to insult the wapanese. It is now a derogatory phrase used to insult animu fans who act like faggots on the internets.
A weeaboo can be found on Gaia Online, your schools anime club, or 4chan.org.
by Ninja337 January 03, 2007
A phrase taken from a poorly translated SNES] game, Nintendo] Pro Wrestling, and popularized on the internets].
Here's sum rule 34] on Picard guyz

A winner is you.
by Ninja337 December 26, 2006
George W. Bush]'s way of referring to the popular search engine], Google].
"Yesterday I was using the Google"
by Ninja337 December 26, 2006
French slang verb for having an erection. This word comes from the verb for drawing a bow. This comes from both being hard, and all loaded up. This is often used in expressions.
Il vas bander pour elle.

He will have a boner for her.
by Ninja337 August 23, 2006
An anime sequel to the hit series Dragonball by Akira Toriyama about Goku, an alien from the saiyan planet, and his new son fighting the newest threats to the planet earth.
Dragonball Z changed the way we watch anime.
by Ninja337 August 21, 2006
A term used to describe a Denial of Service caused by a story being featured on the front page of the popular user driven news site Digg.
Woah, only Dugg only 50 times and the page is already down. The Digg effect at work!

by Ninja337 August 21, 2006

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