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A friend who is a boy but deliberately not a boyfriend because you want no emotional attachments or jealousy issues if you feel like kissing other people.

Synonym: (man) friend with benefits
Variation: friendman

-Hey Kate I saw you kissing some boy at a party. I though you had a boyfriend...

-He's not my boyfriend he is my friendboy, therefore we are free to share our love amongst other people providing we don't do it in front of eachother and that we don't get off with each other's friends.
by nimble.hips March 03, 2010
The 28th of every month is Cookiefest day. To celebrate this marvellous occasion you buy/make a whole lot of cookies and gobble them up with your friends. This is not a greedy day, but a day to share cookies with whoever you meet on the street also.
-Ana, guess what day it is!!
-Cookiefest day!
-Lets go make cookies and share them with everybody
by nimble.hips March 03, 2010

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