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Khade Lund Pe Dhoka
Abe yaar KLPD ho gayi..
by Nikhil November 06, 2003
Beta Theta Pi was founded in 1839, one of the first Fraternities. Betas are known to be one of the best fraternities in the world. They are badasses!
Beta guys are studs who get mad pussy
by Nikhil October 06, 2004
Originates from the indian word kaltee...meaning to ditch

Its mother, rather father is 'The Kalti Boy' Trevor, known to fix up appointments/meetings with friends, colleagues, family members, etal, and then drop out at the last minute giving a rather lame ass excuse...

Hence the tag 'Kalti Boy'
"WTF he's giving us kalti, yet again"


"oh look kalti boy/girl is here"
by nikhil March 15, 2005
jhat-(marathi & hindi)
jhat means pubic hair near vagina or penis
i dont have jhat
( i dont have pubic hair)
by nikhil December 29, 2004
Khade Lund Lad Gaye
Woh dekh do aadmi jaa rahe hai... Is ko bolte hai KLLG
by Nikhil November 06, 2003
experimental faggot fraternity, a complete joke!!!
F1J1 Rush chair: "hey you want to join the experimental joke frat?"
Rushee: "Fuck no, you fake ass motherfuckers!!!"
by nikhil February 02, 2005
Fraternity that doesnt go by their letters because they are ashamed of them. Phi gamma butt slamma's
complete losers who dont have the right to talk shit about ANY fraternity!
by nikhil May 08, 2005
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