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50 definitions by nik

Something all men want and all women can get !
Man - do you want to have sex

Woman - not until i want it
by Nik November 19, 2003
(1) another term for loser (2) someone who easily gets confused and can't buy tickets the right way kz she doesnt know the time (3) anyone named diane
Diane is a f***ing woozer
by NIK April 18, 2005
Vega is a short form for Cerwin Vega speakers. Or used for any car audio. Commonly used to tell somone how awsome there sound system is
Shit man, your vegas POUND, I think my ears are bleeding!!
by Nik April 14, 2005
What to call people in your AIM away message when playing Grand Theft Auto 3
Busy now, fricking naggo.
by Nik April 21, 2004
The annoying little ads that flash at you and wont go AWAY!!

(also they are lies... lies I tell you)
If this banner is flashing, you're a WINNER! click here to claim you prize
by NIK January 19, 2004
1. A short word in teh english language, usu. used to describe some inatimate onject

2. An insult that means you are saying that someone has no gender-specific sex- organs

3. well, duh.. sex
Can 2 its do it?
by NIK January 19, 2004
the female genetalia.
man, her wilma was so wet, her panties were soaked.
by nik December 12, 2003