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Arguably the best sandwich bread in the world.
"Hey Jeff, let's make a honey wheat sammich before we hit the road."
by Nightcrawler March 26, 2003
Also referred to as a nasty spill, fall or a trip. Past Tense: Bit The Board
I bit the board falling off a swing one time impressing this girl.
by Nightcrawler March 26, 2003
Presidency, The: a band of friends (6-13 members) that specialize in the production of high-quality Ska style audio.

must include atleast one world travaling adventurer, preferably named Bryan.
information as well as the adventures of Bryan can be fount at : www.presidencyska.com
by nightcrawler March 10, 2005
a person who roams at night
often alone, but sometiems accompanied by 1 jersey kevin, or 1 trombone player
-often spotted wandering Purdue University after dark. once glimpsed as far away as the Burger King on south street.

also, one who enteres definitions into the urban dictionary that usually contain at least one typo.
see "presidency, the" and "douchebag"
by nightcrawler March 11, 2005
Let me get a Junior Bacon Chee.
by Nightcrawler April 10, 2003
one who moshes in a skankpit.

one who attempts to start moshpits where music does not call for one.

one who punches and kicks in a mosh pit

in short- one who attempt harm those around him rather than share the enjoyment of the souroundings
"i was just trying to skank and that doucenag punched me in the face!"
by nightcrawler March 11, 2005

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