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December Consumerism Day - falls on the 25th of December and marks the culmination of the consumerist frenzy that begins on Black Friday.
Shredding the wrapping paper off gifts is the best part of DCD! Or maybe it's when grandma spikes the punch from the flask she carries in her purse.
#december consumerism day #dcd #christmas #xmas #12/25
by Nick734 February 12, 2011
Gay bragging; when a gay person brags about stereotypically gay achievements, typically health & fitness, career, or popularity-related.
Gregory spent our entire night out gragging about his marathon training.

An example of gragging via facebook:
"Celebrating my 600th training mile! A nice quarter marathon through Mountain's Edge this evening."
#graging #gay bragging #gay brag #bragging #brag
by nick734 February 01, 2012
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