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22 definitions by nick weiner

Slang term for when a video game has such poor graphics or collision detection it is as pleasant for the eye as looking at actual human feces.
Games like Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, and Hour of Victory are such a disgrace to look at and involve so much going through walls and obstructions that it is pretty much digital feces.
by Nick Weiner February 28, 2009
A dismal Major League Baseball team that despite a move from Montreal, still hasn't gotten over the 1994 baseball strike.
Given that the Nationals (then Expos) went 74-40 in 1994 and were tied for the best record in baseball before the strike, the loss of morale led to season after season of dismay.
by Nick Weiner February 03, 2009
Travelling between the eight planets in our solar system. We've reached every one by unmanned probes but all we've been able to take a human to is our moon.
NASA is planning to send humans on an Interplanetary Travel mission to Mars by 2020, but it looks like we have too many problems on Earth to deal with first.
by Nick Weiner January 31, 2009
A lousy Grade Point Average of 2.25 for four courses, consisting of an A, two C's, and a D. If this is your norm, don't plan on going to grad school, or else you'll be taking the HI-GHWAY TO HELL!
Btw, my grades totally suck this semester, an A a C and a D. If I had another class and got a C in it id have ACDC lol. My A was in Computer Repair of course.
by Nick Weiner March 31, 2009
(slang) To remove someone from your friends on any social networking website (e.g. Facebook, MySpace).
I deleted that bitch on Facebook after she told me I was a messed up faggot.
by nick weiner August 30, 2008
A one-word summary of Super Bowl XLII.
After winning every single game and not losing one, it was a spectacular upset to finally lose in the championship game (especially against a team they beat in a spectacular regular-season encore).
by nick weiner September 07, 2008
A movie so horrible that not only was it a critical and box office epic fail, but its producer, Franchise Pictures, was convicted in court over it due to a scam in which the film's budget was overstated. Not to mention an indelible scar in John Travolta's career. And cult status for the movie in the future? HAAAAAAAAAAAH!
In short, Battlefield Earth was so bad that the producers were convicted of a crime. That simple.
by Nick Weiner February 03, 2009