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three dollars and fifty cents.
I need about a tree fity
by Newman March 18, 2004
The Greek god of expensive sunglasses and all that is obvious.
Guy with orange hat.
by Newman June 29, 2003
Ewic aka Slick Rick aka Bandaid aka Curls...To hook up with an ugly chick that you don't know.
Dude, did you see how drunk that kid was...he pulled an Ewic last night and boned her rotten.
by Newman October 24, 2004
A slang use of the word Bitch.
You stupid Peish.
by newman March 16, 2004
When you place some of the leftover mung, from an earlier night's drunken activities in the cemetary, on to an unsuspecting target's food...such as a donut, sandwich, bagel w/ cream cheese, or pasta alfredo.
"Dude, when Rahul finds out there is mung in his curry he is going to flip out!"
"Thats why we don't tell him about his Mung Surprise."
by Newman December 13, 2005
When you refuse to hook-up with an ugly chick when the opportunity presents itself.
I walked out of the room when she started kissing me because I had quality control on.
by Newman October 24, 2004
when you get a giant boner from either looking at or stealing traffic cones
oh man spenser, i have a huuuge coner right now
by newman July 25, 2004

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