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In reference to a ninja's testicles, or an adjective used to describe having ninja like testicles.
Joe: Man it took some ninja balls to wedgie that bouncer!

Dan: yeah, I know.
#big balls #steel sack #ninja skills #kahones grande #s on your chest
by neversweat May 18, 2006
The same as suicide but with a ninja instead of a gun, rope, car exhaust...ect.

Purposly picking a fight with a ninja because you have a death wish.
Dan: Hey ninja, what's the matter? wake up on the wrong side of your mother this morning??

<later at Dan's closed casket funeral>
John: So, how did Dan die?
Kate: it was ninjacide...
John: Sweet!
#suicide #homicide #ninja balls #ninja assassin #ninjiz
by neversweat May 18, 2006
A Fart thats sound resembles the howl of a Wookiee. The sound usually consist of 2 or more syllables and contains lots of "R" and "OW" sounds.


Joel: Dude! You just Wookiee farted in front of my mom!

Or most often heard when drinkin with the boys or having gorilla sex with the misses.
#wookie #fart #flatulence #love #sex
by neversweat July 12, 2006
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