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an instance when one misspeaks; its the typo of an oral error
Is he still dating Tiffany?
- Tiffany? He was never dating Tiffany.
No, not Tiffany but whatserface.
My bad man, I made a blabo.
by nero11 February 01, 2008
action implying hating to wake up; a very needed sleep
When my alarm woke me up at 6:30 this morning, I was kickin' the crib.
by nero11 January 28, 2008
Upon dropping stinky logsinto the porcelain pit,in retaliation,the toilet graces your butt cheeks with toilet water. Often occurs when turds are cut well before submerging.
I flippin' hate toilet's revenge! The water causes the toilet paper to thin out and it's just down right cold!
by nero11 February 25, 2008
a toilet, typically with great depth to contain splash water.
Hey, I like how the new porcelain pit has tall walls for even the nastiest of dumps.
by nero11 February 25, 2008
the act of using the hand/forearm to rid the nose of running snot leaving a glistening path hence the name "snail trail". the trail usually begins on or near the index finger and runs at least half way up the forearm.
"I didn't have a Kleenex, so I just...snail trailed my snot and hoped that it was gone before i got to my elbow.
by nero11 February 12, 2008
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