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a better way to do it is to get a 2 liter soda bottle and fill it partially with water then make a bowl at the top out of aluminum foil with a whole bunch of tiny holes in it. then punch however many holes in the sides of the bottle for straws and so its more like a hookah.
"Let's use the bottle bong this time so we can all smoke at the same time."
by nerm December 16, 2003
a whore or a girl who acts slutty. a girl with a bitchy attitude.
My mom is such a ho-bag.
by nerm November 18, 2003
exactly; you're right
x-acto! or yeah, x-acto!
by nerm November 19, 2003
something you call someone who has a little bit of a chubby stomach and looks pregnant.
you preggie!
by nerm November 19, 2003
that sucks
aw, i have to do my math homework! this suxors.
by nerm November 18, 2003
stupid or bad
I can't believe I failed! That's gay-y.
by nerm November 18, 2003
in best case, a person equally attracted to both sexes. in most cases:
1. straight girls trying to get attention from men.
2. gay guys who aren't ready to come out of the closet.
i have some bisexual friends and then some "bisexual" acquaintances.
by nerm December 23, 2004
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