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god's pokemon

a poisonous amphibian animal resembling a duck with a beaver's body.

an adjective used to describe a female's genitalia with short prickly pubic hair.
On the the 23rd day god became addicted to pokemon on the original nintendo gameboy and decided he would create his very own. One became known as the Platypus. The other less popular one was known as the Garfish.

Hey, is that a platypus? It looks like a duck covered in pubic hair with a beaver's tail. Awesome! Gotta catch em all!!

Kevin became sexually aroused by her freshly groomed, but not completely shaven platypus. He screamed, "I CHOOSE YOU SQUIRTLE!" The battle was filmed via cell phone and posted on the internet.
by neko_sama_dama February 06, 2010
a succession of repetitious explosive diarrhea. In most cases the abnormal frequency and fluidity of the fecal evacuations is so intense that one is forced into bathroom seclusion for hours. Often the infected will be completely naked with their head resting on a clothes hamper strategically placed in front of them.

from slang dookee meaning feces or stool, with suffix mia or -emia meaning a medical condition of
Tom suffered from dookeemia after eating at a shady ethnic restaurant.

Heather has been missing for a while now. Do you think she is stuck in the bathroom with dookeemia?
by neko_sama_dama February 04, 2010

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