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a soft material used to cover floors
I skipped happily along the carpet, and when I tripped I only chipped four teeth.
by nathaniel spritzner August 07, 2005
A yummy cream made from clams, that often comes in a can. Its good. Tastes nice.
I opened the can of yummy clam chowder.
by nathaniel spritzner July 30, 2005
Santa Claws has a variety of definitions.
a)A tiger forging a letter from the North Pole and misspelled Santa Clauses' name.
b)The patron saint of claws.
c)Santa Clauses' son and heir (will soon become the replacement in a couple hundred years)
1. Jimmy: I will soon be coming. Sincerely, Santa Claws.
Jimmy: waddaya do that for?
Tiger: munch, munch...

2. In Switzerland, people often offer flowers and cuticle softeners to Santa Claws.

3. Santa Clause: Claw, you will have to pick one of the reindeer to be your favorite.
Son: Dad, what's that head doing on the top of the sleigh?
Santa Clause: Well, Rudolph's nose still worked even while he was dead...
by nathaniel spritzner July 30, 2005
'Fucking creepy' with the first letters rearranged. Often said as "fupping creeky"
God, that movie was crucking feepy!!!
by Nathaniel Spritzner May 20, 2006
1. a 2nd story or higher door that has doors leading straight into a fall to the ground.

2. what causes retired cops to act sometimes somewhat paranoid.

see Winchester Castle for a place with a lot of suicide doors
my grandpa died tragically when he accidently stepped through a suicide door.
by nathaniel spritzner November 20, 2005

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