10 definitions by nathanael tompkins

meening something that is wonderful and happy.
plaesing to the senses.
good for you.
to make light of a situation.
makes teaspoons of sugar help the medacine go down in the most delightful way.
wow my nose stopped running. thats supercalifragalisticexpialadocious.
by nathanael tompkins February 10, 2008
when someone hits you in the leg with a nuckle causing a very painful cramp
hey you know what a charlie horse is... let me show ya
by nathanael tompkins February 10, 2008
a very complicated job in which a few choice select very brilliant individuals tell all so very dumb pilots what to do so as they dont fuck over the whole continent with delays and mid air collisions. therefore being the most important job in the world (doctors are not the most important) because you only need doctors if there are no air traffic controllers to provide the safe orderly and expoditios flow of air traffic.
dude your so smart that you should be an air traffic controller... you know the smartest people in the world.
by nathanael tompkins February 09, 2008
pronounced with each letter b.c.g.s stands for birth control glasses. are glasses that differ you from gettin laid.
lol, nice bcgs.
dude get rid of those bcgs fast
by nathanael tompkins February 10, 2008
a word used mainly in conjunction with something of great offection. hard to find when dealing with relationships. often lost. some sceptics even debate whether it even exsists. sometimes considered blind. or even deadly...
i love you
i love midgets in clown costumes
by nathanael tompkins February 09, 2008
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