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155 definitions by nathan

Southern/Texas version of a Strip Club
Sir, you have a malignant tumor...Hell, we'll take ya to a titty bar!
by Nathan October 24, 2003
Founded in 1950 when the first world championship was raced, it has developed today into what is the greatest form of motor racing known to man and the greatest sport in the world.

Owned by Bernie, who rakes in $2.5Billion US per anum from the sport, it is an insitution, more sacred to fans then religion.
OMG! It's only 6 days until The opening race of the season starts in Melbourne, Australia.
by Nathan March 30, 2005
u likkle yute!
by Nathan September 22, 2003
The term haza was introduced by the character Frank Lopez in the film Scarface. Haza is a yiddish word for a pig, or a pig that doesn't fly straight. The term was later backfired onto Frank when Tony discovered that it was Frank who had attemted to assassinate him.
"You know what a haza is Frank?! A pig that don't fly straight, and neither do you!"
by Nathan May 06, 2005
one who consistently atempts to make personal gains at others expenses by means of manipulation
quit making me do all your work you manipulator
by Nathan December 08, 2002
Someone who immeadiately asks asl at the beginning of all conversations. This shows an utter lack of intellectual depth or sexual restraint. Most people simply ignore anyone who begins a conversation with such an inane question as "age/sex/location?"
I don't think an example is necessary.
by Nathan July 17, 2004
A total Score. A hotty with a Body. Don't let this one go fella's
Dayum, there goes that girl Baillie.
by Nathan April 22, 2005