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One who is so incredibly gay they make Elton John look like Fabio. Relative to flaming queer and flaming fag.
You are such a fucking flaming homo no wonder no one likes you.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
Someone who's kiss leaves you breathless.
She has lips like morphine every time she kisses me.

by Nathan Hulsey October 14, 2006
A nasty stank puss you don't wanna go near.
Dude I almost had to eat cunt fish last night.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
You don't want to say yes, but not no
I love you...eventually...
by Nathan Hulsey November 02, 2006
Said when you have no response to something such as "I love you."
"I love you" "Aww that's cute"
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
Someone's who acts so incredibly gay you want to smack them. Relative to flaming faggot, and flaming homo.
He's such a flaming queer he asked me to have a tea party.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
A really nasty sweaty vagina that smells so rank it gives you a renob.
God damn she has such a fish puss...I aint hittin' that.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
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