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Vagina juices from a really roady bitch who obviously needs to clean up. Skank cheese is often time associated with Tuna puss.
Didja fuck her last night? Hell no bitch had skank cheese.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
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horrid smelling yellow paste found on or around a smeltering vagina that is in serious need of cleaning
damn baby you need to clean up this skankcheese if you expect me to eat your box. Go wash that shit
by QUEER SLAYER May 10, 2005
A game created in Phoenix AZ which is close to tag
1)There are NO tag backs
2)The taggie must shout "SKANK CHEESE" on contact to announce the transition
3)The tagged must shout any profanity of ones choosing
4)After 24 hours of being "it" the position is returned to the creator (Daniel Deck)
"well fuck"
by Sam Roselyn December 13, 2007

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