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Pronounciation: nig-er-dee-mon

Definition- 1. A black ghetto child born out of hell. 2. Satan's child...Satan's black child. 3. A winged nigger. 4. A nigger that bitches about how he can't properly run his crack house and satisfy his pimp.
1. (Pointing at child) "look at him...red eyes and all. HE'S A NIGGER DEMON!"
2. 'The child was black with red eyes. For the rest of his life he was called "nigger demon"'
3. "HOLY FUCK LOOK AT THE WINGED NIGGER FLY!" "Son...that's a nigger demon"
4. "Yo, my boss is a nigger demon. He does not shut the fuck up about how he sucks at his job."
by nastynutsac June 10, 2009
When a man releases his left over semen through piss onto a girls face
Girl: "Oh...my...god! DID YOU JUST SPIDER STAIN ME?"

Guy:" I don't see the problem. You threw up on my cock last week and at least there is some cum on your face.."
by nastynutsac June 08, 2009
noun, adjective, and verb

Also used like: Martydom Gifter or Martydom Gift Dropper

1. One who sharts, farts, queefs, or shits before leaving someone's presence as a "gift".
2. To fart before walking away from someone.
3. To leave an unflushed shit in the toilet filter; causing the toilet to spew out brown water.
4. To earn the title of noob in Call Of Duty 4 for repeatedly killing someone with a granade after you die.
1. "Damn... that man..... he is a martydom gifter.
2. "I just farted as I walked away from that prick. I would like to consider myself a martydom gifter.
3. "HA.. I just left my martydom gift in the church's tiolet."
by nastynutsac June 09, 2009
The Nag Bag. Proven effective by Commander Shepard and his crew, it is used as a "beat-shoot" kill method. It is where one runs up to another person beats them down repeatedly weakening them and then shooting that very same person on the ground to death.
Guy Two: "Oh yeah well... I'm gonna go Nag Bag your mom"
Guy One: "You dip do you even know what Nag Bag means?"
by nastynutsac June 25, 2009
When in the act of fun, in a crowd, at a concert, or being bullied, you are under mothers protection. Where the mother shields her child and sucks the fun out of situations as defense mechanism to hostile outsiders.
Brad: Dude, that kid is so getting mom blocked.
Matt: Oh damn, she's putting up a full shield. . .and she's like 60..
by nastynutsac August 13, 2010
To sniff and smuggle a tiny penis (also known as a chode) around.
Guy1: "This guy is a fag. HAH no way he has a chode in his hand. He's sniffing it too."
Guy2: "The proper terminology is Chode Snufler"
by nastynutsac June 13, 2009
1. - Super
2. - Gay
3. - to make insane
4. - a massively hairy bush (female)
"damn that bitch is one swaggy mother fucker i couldn't find her pussy through that thing even if i had a bush wacker.
by nastynutsac May 24, 2009

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