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The way dumbass kids on Call of Duty 4 pronounce (and apparently now spell) the word MARTYRDOM (note the R), a word they apparently had never heard before playing this game. Martyrdom is supposed to mean sacrificing one's life for a belief, as in to be a martyr (not a "marty"), and the Perk in COD4 is a reference to suicide bombers. Note: Real life suicide bombers do not shit grenades immediately upon death.
Kid: Man "marty-dom" is awesome.
Me: Do you mean "mar-der-dom"?
British guy: Don't you mean "mah-tra-dom"?
Kid: I still think it's martydom 'cause that's what everyone else says.
by Cody the stoner January 21, 2009
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Martydom is an extremely noobish perk that noobs in call of duty 4: modern warfare online use. Martydom is mostly used by noobs attracted to it because it encourages you to die. When selected this handy little perk is activated when the noob proceeds to die. Once the noob is dead he/she will automatically immediantly drop a live grenade killing someone in an extremely noobish way. The martydom noob can be easily found in hardcore games where friendly fire is on. It is suggested that you do not follow teammates in hardcore mode because they most likely have martydom on.
1. *Martydom noob is killed by kthxbi454*
*kthhxbi454 is killed by martydom noob*
martydom noob: hahahaha u suck bra
kthxbi454: k

2. * Martydom noob is killed by rawritsalion5*
* kthxbi454 is TEAMKILLED by martydom noob*
kthxbi454: are you serious? TURN OFF YOUR MARTYDOM IN HARDCORE
Martydom noob: d00d ur just jealous u dont has teh martydom

by lol its me January 05, 2008

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