4 definitions by narong

Engine produced by Honda Motor Corporation for the Honda Intergra Type-R (Acura RSX) and Honda Stream.
That RSX is running a tight K20A.
by narong February 28, 2004
Performance engine found in the Japanese-spec Nissan 240SX S14 Sylvia.
Damn that car is running an SR20DET!
by narong February 28, 2004
Tera electron Volts. Refers to a quanta of energy with 10^12 times the amount of a singular electron Volt (eV).
1 TeV = 1.60217646 × 10^-7 Joules
by narong February 28, 2004
Twin-Turbo 2.6L inline-six cylinder engine produced for the Nissan Skyline in Japan.
With some modification, that RB26DETT could be doing close to 1000hp.
by narong February 28, 2004

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