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the future slums of america where all the teenagers will either grow stupid and procreate more idiots or they will turn to violence and vandalism after years of boredom.
the weight of suburbia over much of central florida will eventually cause it to sink into the ocean
by narcaleptic buble January 05, 2004
n: dick lips sometimes refering to people who give head, people with big lips, or my friend H.O.C. ( who dosent do or have any of those things)
v: pussying out or not showing up when you say you will
Shit jigsie you best not pull another dl.
by narcaleptic buble January 01, 2004
plural noun: a fat mans bussom for example: man boobs or man boobilies
Check out mizzle bizzles over there.
by narcaleptic buble January 01, 2004
to place your buttcrack on someones nose usally when there passedout or asleep
We were all drunk when justan passed out and then frank geeched him....twice.
by narcaleptic buble January 05, 2004

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