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An abbreviation for "High Off Contact"... to come into contact with some smoke so potent you're immediately high.
Random Dude: Damn... That purp is so strong i'm H.O.C.ed just stepping in the room!
by KingJizzle March 04, 2011
used to define a gamer with godlike skill
Hey, nice! you pulled a "Hoc" there.
by Eh?! August 22, 2003
Hoc is an abbreviation for Horny O'clock. That time during the day when you just wanna sext.
Dude it's hoc, wanna?

Sure girl ;) you start.

sext hot hoc booty call
via giphy
by Argentinian sky May 29, 2016
The sound that is produced when a female places a penis in her mouth in order to administer fellatio.
...So I pulled out my dick and she just grabbed it and was like "hoc!"
by Mr. Shake May 02, 2004
(Pronounced "hock") Literally, High on Coffee. Used to describe a person who's hooked on caffiene and acts like it.
Damn, that kid's so HoC today he's bouncing off the walls.
by Weinerman April 21, 2007
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