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When a man wakes up with a raging morning wood, while wearing colorful, tacky boxers or underpants
Dude 1: "WhoooWeeeee I'm pitchin' a tent over here"

Dude 2: "Man, you've really worked up a clown boner in those colorful briefs"
by narbles February 07, 2011
The act of slapping a woman's breast. Especially a woman with large breasts the size of watermelons.
Man Shauna has such big breasts, I just had to give her a watermelon slap.
by Narbles November 26, 2014
A person who typically attracts only orthodox vegans, earthy artsy types, or wannabe hippies that sport goatees and poet berets.
Girl 1: Violet seems to have a thing for skinny dorky losers with bad goatees who refuse to eat meat.

Girl 2: Yeah, that Violet's always been a real tofu magnet.
by narbles February 07, 2011
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