3 definitions by naitsirhc

Tiny little boy-crazy fireball with a good taste in music. Has her preferences and knows many references. Level-headed and can seem mean. But often it is to keep some at bay. Inside is a wholeheartedly nice girl; usually an excellent lover as well. Her uniqueness is what attracts others. However she'll soon show you just how awkward she can be. A real tough chick.
by Naitsirhc July 17, 2013
The act of someone farting immediately before leaving a room; leaving that special something to be remembered by.
John farted then left the room, he left a Departing gift
by naitsirhc August 23, 2009
Hostility received in the form of facebook comments.
Ric copped much anguity from his brother for posting about a dog.
by naitsirhc October 21, 2014

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