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The most annoying creature in the entire universe. From a horrible episode of South Park.
Jackovasaur mating call: "DOOO-WOOOOOOP!!!!"
by n00b August 14, 2003
1. To repeatedly steer conversations and attention to yourself by creating wild and imaginative stories.

2. An Attention Whore on interweb message boards who continually shines the spotlight on wild and fantastic antics.

3. A future VH1 "Behind the Music" reference when somone makes it in the recording industry and their dirty little secrets are revealed.
1. "Dude! Quit being a Beltandin, no one believes all that crap can happen to one person!!"

2. "OMFG! Look at that Beltandin, he kicked his lesbian wife to the curb and is hypnotized by a pair of 19 year old knockers!"

3. "Much like the mythical Beltandin, superstar Mr. X was arrested for public nudity and transporting a minor across state lines in his early 20's."
by n00b January 02, 2005
When a person is trying to get you caught while doing something wrong
Yo man, you tryna get me cased up?
by n00b February 17, 2005
This is a definitive source for taking the fantastic and embellished stories of male virgins who are addicted to the internet and "translating" them into factual accounts in the proper perspective.
1. Eric says, "ZOMG! I hooked up with a SERIOUS hottie last night after the party." When run through the Kardosaurus we find that Eric REALLY meant, "I was home alone last night and watching American Idol before bed. I fell asleep and dreamt of Paula Abdul and woke up with sticky sheets."

2. Eric says, "Man! My roommate is REALLY mad at me for putting him on the phone with a girl when he was with his girlfriend!" The Kardosaurus translates that to, "Look at me...anyone? Is anyone there? Someone pay attention to me!"

by n00b January 20, 2007
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