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Broken Magic cards.
"A Phantom Nishoba for a Silver Seraph?"
"Yeah, dude. Sickness for sickness"
"Fair enough."

"This deck has an extreme amount of sickness."
by n00b July 31, 2003
A disgustingly overpowered (i.e. broken) Magic: The Gathering card. Can be extended to other obscenely-awesome objects.
Related word: sickness
"Sinkhole, Yawgmoth's Will, Demonic Tutor...this mono-black deck is full of sickies!"

"Do you have the Pixies' Doolittle?"
"Yeah, that shit fuckin rocks...fuckin' sickie album, man."
by n00b July 31, 2003
Someone who wears kandy
by n00b March 28, 2003

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