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31 definitions by n00b

Broken Magic cards.
"A Phantom Nishoba for a Silver Seraph?"
"Yeah, dude. Sickness for sickness"
"Fair enough."

"This deck has an extreme amount of sickness."
by n00b July 31, 2003
8 18
A disgustingly overpowered (i.e. broken) Magic: The Gathering card. Can be extended to other obscenely-awesome objects.
Related word: sickness
"Sinkhole, Yawgmoth's Will, Demonic Tutor...this mono-black deck is full of sickies!"

"Do you have the Pixies' Doolittle?"
"Yeah, that shit fuckin rocks...fuckin' sickie album, man."
by n00b July 31, 2003
5 21
Someone who wears kandy
by n00b March 28, 2003
35 131