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Known as Boy's best friend
Girl: Why do you always spend time with that dog for?
Mike: He's my best friend.
Girl: Oh yeah, i forgot you two are both son of bitches
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
Where Mike belongs...
Girl: Mike go to hell!
Mike: I don't know how
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
Dance Mania; game that is too good
Lets go and play DM together
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
The long object between the male's legs. The long is usually the better
Shit that one eyes snake is long!

God Go the Snake!!! *moans*
by mysterious_writa October 24, 2004
Best invention ever invented
Mike: Whats MSN Messenger?
Girl: Just go fuck yourself
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
Another way of saying grandma/grandmother. The old woman who lives wif you and the only good thing comming out of her was your mum... and up until now you still can't figure out if that was a good thing or not...
Shut up grandma i heard you the first time.
by mysterious_writa September 26, 2004

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