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(n): The last-ditch attempt among college seniors to find new hook-up partners or consummate a long-standing crush before graduation. While the term may refer to the final year of college, it is usually understood to mean the final semester or trimester, especially during the last (spring) weeks of school. With the impending end of a college environment, the connotation of scramble is desperate solicitation and confession. The practice is common among both men and women.

(v): to engage in a senior scramble, or to be party to a senior scramble.
1. "Can you believe we're graduating in a month?"
"Time for senior scramble"

2. "She never called me back."
"You got senior scrambled."
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by mxm March 08, 2009
n. That time of night when teenagers and young adults can be expected to arrive at a party.

The expression is used mostly among college-aged adults who typically party-hop or bar-hop on the weekends. The ambiguity of the phrase avoids the potentially embarrassing situation of a guest arriving too early for a party or a host(ess) waiting for guests to arrive. See also party foul.

The term is most often encountered on Internet invitations or mass e-mails advertising a private party.

The time is generally understood to be between 10pm and midnight.
"What time are you heading over to D's house?"

"Party o' clock"
#party o'clock #beer o' clock #party #college #college party #party foul #party hop #party hopping #bar hop #bar hopping #kegger #house party #byob #dance party #evite
by mxm February 08, 2009
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