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down to fuck
Bitch are you dtf tonight?
by mustardass August 29, 2009
A well rounded person with a great easy going personality.
Mcgravey is one hell of a beer pong reff!!
Look at ole Mcgravey over there with her boobs out with no care in the world.
by mustardass August 29, 2009
A really good time.
Hey john did you have a good time with those whores? Yup it was a blasterama!
by mustardass August 29, 2009
To throw the bone to someone who is down on there luck.
Hey Jack I think since Michelle is upset I will give her some sympathydick.
by mustardass August 30, 2009
super sexy time
Hey girl are you ready for SST?
by mustardass August 29, 2009
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