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A new game by NCSoft
(new in 2004)

it's pretty cool :P
lineage 2 pwns city of heroes
by murt May 16, 2004
Latin for "Christ is victorious"
at the bottom of the Celtic Cross, the words Christus Victor are engraved
#christ #christian #presbyterian #jesus #god
by Murt September 25, 2005
MMORPG game released by Sony Online Entertainment November 9th, 2004.

Anticipated for more than a year. Uses next generation graphics (bump mapping, pixel shading)

Sequel to EverQuest, takes place 1000 years later when Luclin blew from the sky.

Instead of being like Everquest, you choose a main archetype, then a subclass at level 10, then at level 20 your final subclass.

World of Warcraft released a few weeks after it...EQII was more successfull.
DING! w00t! Now I can do my final subclass quest!
by Murt November 23, 2004
the best hacker the US has seen
american PWNS the other countries
just like republicans PWN democrats
by Murt March 11, 2004
a word from Real Life comics that has no real meaning...

by Murt August 24, 2004
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