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The Countdown is when you're receiving oral pleasure from a young lady and she stops to ask you not to slime in her mouth. You agree that'll you'll give her a countdown before you do your business, she smiles and carries on. Just before you slime you start The Countdown from 5 and on the count of 3 you let out a blood curdling scream of 'In the moo' and jiz in her mouth while holding onto the back of her head.
I was getting a gammy off of this wee bird last week and I gave her The Countdown, she wasn't impressed.
by murdo83 June 21, 2007
A rogue pube which is found in some kind of paper or magazine covering the face of a celebrity and it doesn't want to shift.
I opened up FHM this month and there was Elton's Sticky Pube covering Sadowitz.
by murdo83 June 21, 2007

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