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The art of taking a picture of your nuts on someone else’s camera phone without there knowledge or permission, allowing them to stumble across it creating an awkward social situation
Matt did a nut farm on Sam’s camera phone at the GAC making everyone believe Sam was gay because he had a photo of some dudes huge nuts as his phone wallpaper… That was hilarious
by munky_punch September 06, 2009
when the player cannot adjust to the timing of earlier versions SF after being too involved in ultimate edition of SF which is SF4. Most patient suffer from continuous ass whipping from his/her mates who adjust seamlessly to both versions and once the tipping point is reached (which varies case by case dependent on level of intensity and trash talk) symptom such as cursing, yelling the name of a move or controller throwing can all occur almost simultaneously.
Matt: REMATCH!! …… …where the fuck is my dragon punch… fuck
Adam: …….. Oookay… last game?

Matt suffers Post SF4 Spaz Syndrome

Matt gets his ass whooped again

Matt acts like angry german kid (see youtube)

by munky_punch July 12, 2009
breaking a promise in SFIV
you: what happened to my triple ultra finish?

Anthony: sorry bro, I was pulling an anthony
by munky_punch July 02, 2009
An individual who’s always big noting themselves to the point of being pretentious. However secretly wets the bed frequently and cry’s themselves to sleep most nights.
Anthony: Yo man, my Zangeif is gonna trash your Ken, cause I'm so much better than everyone... at everything... ever... Oh yeah.

Matt: Quit Squizamoning and go wet the bed

Anthony: … =(
by munky_punch July 06, 2009
The receiver of anal sex from a few homosexual's has them cum on his glasses so he can rub their cum into his own urethra (the opening of his penis) using the ear point to force it up
Adam: Anthony and a couple of other guys came around and Changbanged me good last night, I can still feel their cum in my urethra
by munky_punch July 05, 2009
The art of spazing out and walking out of the room when Geifed or beaten in straight sets in SFIV
Anthony: Dude I told you, you’d get Geifed bro,


Anthony: where you going?

Matt: looks like he’s an Angry Adam bro
by munky_punch July 05, 2009

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