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A whiteeye is someone doesn't do any illegal drugs, and judges people that do use illlegal drugs as being inferior to themselves.
Ted Nugent & Nancy Reagan are total whiteeyes
by muleonmushrooms September 09, 2009
A person who completely fails at everything they try, even things that they themselves masterminded.
Joe Beerbottle has a good job, family and home. He quits his job and sells his house to start a buisness which fails and he loses all his money and his house. Joe Beerbottle is a Shmowzer.

One could also be a Shmowzer in a single moment like, spilling a beer they just poured for a girl, on the girl.
by muleonmushrooms September 07, 2009
A Squire is person who does not do psychedelic drugs (LSD, psilocybin containing mushrooms, DMT, or Salvia) They are said to be "uncool" and not aware the the world the way psychedelic drugs uses are. A squire has no third eye.
In the movie "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" a mother leaves her child outside the Quickstop in a stroller as she runs in. A passerby questions her parenting for leaving said child outside said Quickstop. The mother calls the passerby a "Fucking Squire!"
by muleonmushrooms September 07, 2009

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