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Economic practices of President Barack Obama characterized by confusing stimulus funding that comes with a catch, record deficits that exceed previous 4 year record numbers in just six months and obvious socialism of private business.
Hey dude, the government couldn't sell whores and whiskey in Vegas when they took over the Mustang Ranch and it failed. How they gonna sell cars?

Shut your mouth bitch, thats obamanomics at work.
by mule52 July 20, 2009
The supposed battle cry of the insipid, inbred, confused, mother humping toothless redneck fans of the Alabama Polytechnical Institute. The confusion aspect of the "battle cry" is that the program is officially the Auburn Tigers, yet their battle cry is "War Eagle".
Hey Lonnie, I got my degree in Socologee from Aubun...that directed reading is the best.

War Eagle Bubba.
by mule52 July 21, 2009

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