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The best football team in the country, with two national championships. They should have three championships, but they were not allowed to play against the U$C Trojans back in 2004. Then, U$C was vacated of their 2004 national championship by the Football Writers Association of America.
Everyone knows U$C pays their players, but nobody could find enough evidence to prove same against the Auburn Tigers beyond all reasonable doubt...

War Damn Eagle!
#war #eagle #champions #u$c #bribe
by auburnengineer2011 May 22, 2011
A stupid, redneck, cow-patty cousin fucker college in south Alabama who won a national championship by paying criminals like Cam Newton to play on their team and bribing refs. They are known for being much worse than the Alabama Crimson Tide, a team with 13 national championships that they actually earned. Auburn has never had a good coach, this being the reason that they suck. Their battle-cry, "war eagle". a phrase which makes no sense, is used by drunken rednecks everywhere.
Billy-Bob: I'll go play for The Auburn Tigers because their gonna pay me.
#cam newton #alabama #crimson tide #auburn #war eagle
by AuburnHater February 17, 2011
when a girl shaves stripes on her coochie and then the girl gets on all 4s and growls like a tiger. and then the man gets on her back, and rydes her and yells WAR DAMN!!!!!!
I love doing an Auburn Tiger, especially on gameday. Last time he rode me for 3 straight hours before the game. War Eagle!
#ride #tiger #auburn #stripped #sex
by 69TigerPrincess September 26, 2010
A college football team in the state of Alabama that wishes it could win National Championships like Alabama has done.

A team that redneck preps like to go to and learn something about farming even though theyve worked on the farm their whole life.

A team that promotes all the colors in the Rainbow.
I wish the Auburn Tigers had at least one National Championship.

Hey guy in the Abercrombie & Fitch shirt, Where did you learn how to farm? "Auburn Tigers taught me everythang"

So, you just got back from San Francisco? " Yeah I had to go support my Auburn Tigers at The Rainbow Relay."
#losers #chodes #mudfish #sorry #sucks
by BILL Lee aka Billy October 08, 2006
The GAYEST, imbred football team of all football teams EVER! European soccer teams included.
The Auburn Tigers just lost again. . . big fuckin' suprise.
#football #auburn #gay #imbred #team
by siris83 November 10, 2006
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