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having sexual intercourse or oral copulation, etc. to achieve ejaculation.

doing a load of laundry: having sexual intercourse or the act of performing oral copulation.
Boy: hey honey, i've got a load of laundry to do.
Girl: Give me a second, i'm on the phone.
~ 30 min. later ~
Girl: hey babe, i'm ready to do laundry now.
Boy: that's ok. it was a small load, i did it by hand.
by msbrat1978 March 07, 2007
The cougar is a rare breed of female homosapien. It's natural habitats include night clubs that were cool three years ago and the hotel bar inside the Marriott.
Girl 1: Did you find out who kept calling your boyfriends cell?
Girl 2: Yeah, turns out it's just some sad divorced cougar, nothing to worry about.
by msbrat1978 March 07, 2007

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