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This is a standard gunt brulee with an added extra! It is fairly uncommon and only occurs on certain days of the month. This is where the gunt brulee is generously coated in a menstrual fluid coulis.
'I ripped off her guntage strap to find that it was gunt brulee au fraises, she was humming!'
by mratcl May 29, 2008
Guntage is the general gunt area, nornmally constricted by a gunt strap, nearly always containing a gunt crust or gunt brulee.
'look at that fat bitch she was showing off her guntage again, could you smell her gunt crust too?'
by mratcl May 29, 2008
This is the dessert to the famous gunt pizza. A hard brown sugar like build up has built up over the gunt custard to form this treat. The crust must be broken to gain access to the precious gunt custard beneath. This is an acquired taste and a stong stomach and constitution is needed for its enjoyment.
'I ripped off her clothes and found a gunt brulee ready for me under her gunt strap!'
by mratcl May 29, 2008
Bitch wailling is annoying whining done by both men and women. It can also include singing. For example Celine Dion bitch wails while singing as does James Blunt
'Did you enjoy the Christina Aguilera concert?'

'No mate there was too much bitch wailling for me'
by mratcl May 29, 2008

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