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(proper noun) 1: Talented pop-folk singer/songwriter who burst onto the scene in the late 80s with her Canadian release of "Touch." Sarah later gained success in the United States with popular albums such as "Solace" and "Fumbling Towards Ecstacy." Her song "Building a Mystery" won the 1999 Grammy for best female pop song.

Sarah McLachlan is awesome.
by mr_brennan November 04, 2005
(proper noun) 1: A university located in Huntsville, Alabama, which functions primary as a nerd farm and prides itself on its inability to cancel classes 2: Ugly girls 3: Complete boredom
(1) UAH Student 1: OMIGOD! It’s a hurricane, three tornadoes, and every building is on fire all at the same time! Run!
UAH Student 2 (demurring): Drat. The flying debris and collapsing structures will cause my delayed arrival to the exigent astrophysical biology exam occurring later today…

(2) That chick is so ugly she must go to UAH (the University of Alabama in Huntsville).

(3) UAH Student 1: Can you help me with this boring 10,000 question assignment regarding the solidification of nickel-based super alloys under the influence of various inert gases?
UAH Student 2: I'd rather kill myself.
by mr_brennan November 04, 2005
(n). (1) An incredibly slutty individual of the female persuasion. (2) Roughly, a hobag
That biatch is a skanksatchel.
by mr_brennan November 04, 2005
(proper noun) A popular Canadian songstress, proof that you can be butt-ugly and still be famous. Married to Santa Claus (AKA Renee Angelil). FLATNESS
Celine Dion is the ugliest singer I know, and her husband looks just like Santa Claus!
by mr_brennan November 04, 2005

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