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11 definitions by mr.smarterass

When a man is sexualy attracted to a cow and wishes to fuck or plow it in the ass.
example: "bryan stop plowin that cows ass and get over here"

example: "bryan stop being a cow plower,and get you dick out of its ass"
by mr.smarterass April 01, 2009
smoking box is were u light the inside of a box on fire, and as u close it and the flame smokes up alot, u open it and inhale as much smoke as u can for as long as u can
"dude i hope we are smoking box"
"dude we are!!"
"hurry close the lid before all the smoke leaves!!"
by mr.smarterass November 09, 2009
1.a alien that likes ass's
2. a martian thats faceial area looks like a giant fat ass
example: the mars rover pick up many pictures of fucking ass martian s fucking eachother in the ass
by mr.smarterass April 25, 2009
it is when a guy puts peanut butter on his penis and shuves it up a womens ass and jizzes witch leaks out to create ass nut butter
example "dude that girl wanted me to ass nut butter her"

"really did you shuve it in her ass"

"hell yah" :P
by mr.smarterass April 03, 2009
it is when a man keeps all of his jizz

a can of jizz!!!!
example "ewww sally whats that in your fridge"

sally " dude its my jizz can!!!!"

"thats fucking nasty"
by mr.smarterass April 25, 2009
We all know that fat ass that lives up north and its kewl to let him come in your house but if a creep does its bad(personal thought)
but since he was there the when jesus was born he must be holy so.....
when he goes to sit down and take a masive shit... i turns into holy santa claus shit...
example:ryan "hey bryan whats up"

bryan " i just got a d+ on my history :("

ryan " holy santa claus shit"
by mr.smarterass April 17, 2009
When you have been suckin/or blowing a dildo all day...or for a long period of time
"yo bryan your breath smells like a fucking dildo" "dildo breath"....

bryan "i need somthing to get rid of my dildo breath ive been sucking some lately"
by mr.smarterass March 31, 2009