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A sludge bucket is a huge 1 liter mug, filled with a brew of 5 tea spoons of coffee (not decaf) 2 tea bags and between 10 - 15 sugars, it is drank to sober up with
i propper need a sludge bucket if i'm to go to work tonight
by mr smith March 08, 2005
A small motor home, campa van type vehicle, like the one on the sooty show, mr soft drives one
Look at my softy, With his stoopid walk, camp accent, boyzone shirt and fucking sooty mobile
by mr smith March 08, 2005
A cannabis cig, 3 - 4 thin king size papers stook together lengthways, tked at the back, tightly rolled into a slight cone shape, give it a little twist at the end, and it looks like a fucking drum stick
Its just a big spliff
by mr smith March 06, 2005
Silly looking little dreadlocks that are not actually dreadlocks, there shitlocks
i've heard of dreadlocks but shitlocks?
by mr smith March 08, 2005
Blades Business Crew's youth squad
Young Dee dahs who like to fight at matches
by mr smith March 08, 2005
Community Transport mini busses that are used by the mentally handicapped, called so because they slaver on the windows
a ford transit full of slavering retards
by mr smith March 06, 2005
A lemon is an attractive woman who has no other possitive attributes. There only purpose in life is to be thought about while you wank.
What about that one with long dark hair?

No mate, she used to be on same Job Club as me, she nothing but a lemon
by mr smith March 08, 2005

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