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In marriage, when a man refuses to engage with his wife in the same depraved sexual acts that they did early in the relationship. This is usually because he needs to think of her as a "respectable lady" and one does not do those sorts of things with someone you will bring home to that parents, or with the person who will be the mother of your children.

Wives whose husbands refuse to do anything but the most chaste (and infrequent) sex possible are said to have been "wife-zoned"
woman #1 "i just don't understand why my husband doesn't want to eat my pussy any more. He used to do it so much when we first met."

Woman #2: "honey, it means you've been wife-zoned"
by mpwd August 24, 2012
The simplest explanation for what Sarah Palin does is most likely that she is Sarah Palin.

Originally suggested by David Weigel at Slate, as a corollary to Occam's Razor
Me: Why did Sarah Palin decide to quit her bus tour?

DW: Dude--Palin's Razor. Because she's Sarah Palin.
by mpwd June 22, 2011
Descriptive of the state of emotional frustration and disappointment experienced by any cat, when looking for a lap, only to find all available laps occupied, either by other cats, laptop computers, or other large objects.

To any cat, this is the emotional result of getting lap-blocked
Felix left the room looking laplorn, having discovered that his owner's lap was already occupied by his owner's laptop.
by mpwd April 20, 2011

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