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11 definitions by mozzie

Nickname For George Bush.
did Dubya make a speech today?
by Mozzie February 11, 2004
Term of abuse for anyone who is from the south of england
i cant stand these blimin southern fairies

ay, i'd have to agree with yer on that one, i just 'ate these southern fairies
by Mozzie November 13, 2003
man who gets all my Messages to customer suppport. very tolerant of the ignorant. knows too much about nukezone for his own good
ahh crap, hes got my CS message again.
by Mozzie January 02, 2004
Geordie bloke who constantly Harasses Joanie on IRC
please leave her alone, TcMalice
by Mozzie April 30, 2004
Group Of people who Support MEGAginge. They also support newbies of nukezone by answering their questions and queries
Newbie: How do i Build a nuke?

Member of MEGA crew: Go to missiles, make sure you have a silo and enough turns and money, then put '1' in the build section, then away you go :)

Newbie: Thanks :)
by Mozzie January 03, 2004
Nice Mod Who loves His RPGs. HAs a great sense of humour. apparantly he has a cup of coffee next to him all the time
mocha DEATed my thread
by Mozzie January 25, 2004