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Last name of Englands beheaded Queen Anne Boleyn. The second wife of Henry the 8th.
1. A nonfrench woman or man obsessed with french style and culture.
2. A black eyed brunette with olive skintone.
3. Pearl jewelry
4. vain
5. love of the arts
6. Have a beauty mark particularly on the neck.
7. have a deformed moles and extra fingers
8. cut off innocent womans head
9. Witch or a woman who can cast love spells on men.

all of the listings are attributes associated with anne boleyn an english girl who would become queen. While it is debatable that she actually had a sixth finger and grotesque moles all over her body, these are two very popular notions of her.
1. Jayne wants to go to France. She's even developing a french accent. What a Boleyn.
2. Keira Knightleys coloring is very Boleyn.
3. That pearl necklace is very boleyn
4. She walks with her nose in the air, yet another boleyn.
5. The art gallery was full of various Boleyns.
6. She covers her boleyn with a stylish choker necklace.
7. The baby was born a boleyn. 11 fingers and 12 toes.
8. None of the accusations hold any standing, we'll still boleyn the bitch.
9. Jim lost all his senses over some boleyn!
by mori10 February 16, 2008
Similar to whitewash. An ethnic or minority person with dark coloring and/or ethnic features who wishes they were lighter skinned and white looking. Dark skinned women who want white skinned children.
Look at lea with her gringo boyfriend! She whitewishing!
by mori10 February 16, 2008
A fat chic being penetrated by two men in the ass and vagina. Since she is fat and usually disgusting, but willing,the men work fast to get it over with.
Fat susan ask bragged about her doublejacking. Shes been much happier ever since.
by mori10 February 16, 2008
Sign of the zodiac that house fellow celebs like Madonna and j.lo. a very confidant and successfull person who has mediocre looks and talent, but a lot of charisma and very entertaining.
1.flambouyant(Queens are most likely Leos)
2.Love adoration even when it is not directed at them..they will steal other peoples attention.
3. very loud
4. think they are royalty.
5. Want to be seen with attractive people even though most are only mildly attractive.
6. Have pretty good style, men are usually better dressed than most women. For women a very stylish sign..Jackie O was a Leo.
7. Love to be told they are pretty..especially the men.
M-" At the club last night jenny was being loud. She was the center of attention thanks to her 5 inch platforms, sequined cape and glitter feather boa. She made all the guys dance with her and punched a fat chic."
R- "Wow her inner Leo came out last night!"
by mori10 February 16, 2008
A person who makes out with anyone and everyone. Regardless how old, young, fat, skinny, stupid,smart,ugly or pretty.
His lips are black and blue because he's a dirty frenchy.
by mori10 February 16, 2008
While several have said the most obvious fat, stupid, wasteful, rich and racist. I'll add a few new ones to all those hateful, ugly comments.
Americans are truly for the most part caring and giving people. Most people wish they could be American. There are thousands, maybe even millions of foreigners who try every year to get that coveted citizenship.
Most are tolerant, but there comes a time when enough is enough, that being said it is almost the norm to bash Americans and if an American show any sense of pride they are labeled a dreaded "Ugly American"
Americans are for the majority the complete opposite of the bible thumping hick stereotype.
Americans are of various races, religions and cultures a young country that is better than the countries who consistently bash them yet ask for our help when their pathetic and lousy asses can't get their shit together!
Americans can handle being called every negative name in the book by citizens of countries that are suppose to be allies. Some of these foreigners are in the US spouting their hate and they wonder why we don't like them????
It seems as if being a "super" power is not so super. If it means dealing with bs like anti-american rants. Americans just plain kick ass. It is just fact. Anyone who is an American basher is nothing but a lowlife piece of trash who only wishes they could be the shit coming out of an Americans ass. To those Americans who are ashamed of being American go fuck yourself. And to the other Americans keep Rockin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.This kicks ass!! This is American!
2.Oh no! My country is in trouble! we need help call an American!
by mori10 February 16, 2008
A sign of the zodiac symbolizing the twins castor and pollux and the sign of some of the freakiest people. Geminis usually have dark hair and dark eyes and a sense of something mysterious about them. Female Gemini's are scary beotches for they have a way with words and are usually..but not always, quite pretty. Most gemini women do not do well with other women. if you find yourself not liking a girl for unknown reasons and shes nice and smart and pretty do not worry your claims are justified shes most likely a manipulative gemini.They will never settle down while as the men are weird romantics, but manipulative romantics. males Geminis are more pathetic than the women and are always in love. Geminis can be quite good to keep around because oddly people want to know about them even if it is just to laugh about. They are a darker, masculine sign and have a high tendency to be extremely full of themselves. They always look in the mirror and are shameless about it(Anna kournikova..great gemini example of shameless conceit. )

for women arrogant, conceited and manipulative..on the plus side usually pretty nice looking (ex. liz hurley and angelina jolie two women who are flaming geminis!)
In men usually sappy lovesick puppies who are waifs and prettier than most girls (Paul mccartney and Johnny Depp)
1. Someone with mystery and compulsive liar(though quite good at it)
2. incestuous
3. quick thinking and has fast body movements
4. usually brunett with lots of sex appeal, but very prude in men oddly romantic. (When a gemini is ugly they are really ugly! Run!)
5. bad tempers and moody!Moody!Moody!

Angelina is one weird, brother kissing humanitarian who baths in blood..completly normal gemini behavior.
by mori10 February 16, 2008

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