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73 definitions by morgan

To impose the awesomeness of James Patrick Page through impaling
I am going to impage those sons of bitches who think Stairway is not a good song solely because it was too popular and well known and are too narrow-minded to understand its musical genius.
by Morgan February 16, 2005
horrendously ugly; violently deformed.
I can't believe he's dating a girl with such a busted face.
by morgan April 23, 2004
A dispicable act using a hanger.
I gave that bitch an asshock when she fell asleep I cant have a baby.
by Morgan December 21, 2004
a long period of time, enternally or forever
it's going to take us a jesus to get to the mall from here.
by Morgan June 29, 2004
a cute ass brotha, bangin
oww.. like a that bun over there
by morgan June 30, 2004
Titty nipples.
My tipples are rock hard in this cold weather.
by Morgan December 02, 2003