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The glam-rock king who recorded "Rock n Roll pt. 2" but was later arrested for child pornography.
Da dum-da daaaa dadum HEY! dadum da dadadada x33214
by mooper August 07, 2003
When a young person throws caution to the wind, rejects their material possessions and travels the world working on organic farms for the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms organization. They pay for the plane ticket, but then have free room and board in exchange for back breaking labor on an organic farm.
"Have you heard from Elisha lately?"
" No, I heard she was Woofing on a Costa Rican Pineapple plantation."
by Mooper January 15, 2013
1) an exclamation of extreme happiness
2) yearbook signature supplement
3) phrase used to announce that something dreadful has ended
As the children swarmed out of their English class on the last day of seventh grade, only one thought filled their minds... "NO MORE MILLIE!!"
by mooper July 15, 2004
A rapper who sings songs like "Enjoy yourself"
I have the baddest foundation ever established. Me and my team bubble like Alka Seltzer tablets
by mooper August 07, 2003
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