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slang term for vagina
I can smell that fat chicks vejutz from here
by mookling November 22, 2009
activites undertaken by any person of colour which are illegal in manner, usually thieving other peoples property or goods
Victim: Officer someone has broken in and stolen my TV!

Police officer: Yes there has been a high rate of blacktivities in this neighbourhood ever since that family of Nigerians moved in up the road.
by mookling October 27, 2009
When an uncircumcised male has his foreskin rolled back under the head of the penis for an extended period of time thus sitting on the 'neck' of the penis and acting as a scarf.
Jake was the only uncircumcised guy in the room so he made up for it by scarfing.
by mookling November 22, 2009

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