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The complete, polar opposite of saying happy birthday.
Person: Happy birthday!
Guy: Not really, I have terminal cancer and I'm going to die in a few hours.
Person: ...Sad deathnight!
by monkeymanta December 12, 2009
A mosh pit at a Paramore concert.
Dude, the entire crowd paramoshed at last night's Paramore concert. It was huge.
by monkeymanta April 30, 2009
A math teacher with a second occupation as an assassin.
"My math teacher assassinated the principle! Now she's a mathsassinator."
by monkeymanta October 20, 2008
The act of typing a sentence without realizing the caps lock button was pressed until after the message has been sent.
Woah caps lock.
by monkeymanta April 13, 2009
The complete, polar opposite of laughing out loud. Abbreviated ciq, instead of lol.
Boy: Let's talk literally today. Laughing out loud.
Girl: Okay.
Boy: You are fat.
Girl: Crying in quietly.
by monkeymanta December 12, 2009
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck
Woah, look at his Vice President. Now she's a vpilf!
by monkeymanta September 18, 2008
A bowling reference to the turkey that should have happened. Defined by bowling a 0 spare followed by two strikes.

Damn, I bowled a 0/XX. Just give me a gimme-turkey on my score card.
by monkeymanta February 23, 2009

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