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the greatest movie saga of all time. how good? I would choose watching Star Wars Episode 5 Empire Strikes Back over sex with Meagan Fox. But maybe I could have both...
Dude I came in my pants when i watched Star Wars last night!
by momnkai May 26, 2009
Verb. The action of a male figure (typically a homeless man) rubbing his penis on the window of a vehicle such as a bus resulting a screeching sound.
The windows of the bus were smeared with the fluid of a hobo due his feenting.
by momnkai April 27, 2009
A cross between a Vulture and a Falcon. Like its parents it is a scavenger and is very rare. Native to Brazillian jungles
I saw a vulcan streak across the sky.
by momnkai May 16, 2009

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